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BROOKFIELD process viscometers

RHEOLASER non intrusive micro rheology

KEMTRAK turbidimeters and photometers NIR

TURBISCAN Stability analysers

DISPERMAT basket mills dispersers and bead mills

KREIS DISSOLVERS and basket mills

Powerwise ink pumps and filters

Novomatics  - instruments for the printing industry

New Rheolaser non intrusive rheometer Newly patented Kemtrak NIR backscatter analyser for size change or concentration measurement

AST100 viscosity sensor offers viscosity  measurement and control with no moving parts

TORUSMILL a unique dissolver and basket mill  for effective dispersion even with high viscosity materials

New Tackmeter - the AlphaTack Plus is setting new standards in tack measurement of lithogaphic ink Torusmill SK basket mill Dispermat RS 5 bead mill DISPERMAT laboratory disperser DISPERMAT laboratory and pilot plant disperser

 Basket mills - turbidity - emulsion stability - dispersers - viscosity control  - bead mills - Rheology

ADV top mounted Kreis Dissolver Kreis Dissolver Double suction disk

Wilhelm Niemann GmbH

are leading manufacturers

of production dispersion equipment


Vacuum mixers

Basket mills

Batches from

100 to 20,000 litres

Brookfield laboratory viscometers

Process viscometers for online and inline viscosity measurement from Brookfield. Call us at Fullbrook Systems for more information and assistancBrookfield TT100 process viscometere with viscosity measurement

KEMTRAK have developedKemtrak NBP007 dairy analyser for 0.001% - 60% milk fat a range of high-performance inline photometric analysers for liquid and gas processing applications. KEMTRAK turbidity meters, colorimeters, UV absorption, and Near Infra Red  NIR  instruments are accurate and stable.

Horus drying tester for film forming products, paint drying, ink film formation Turbiscan NIR stability analyser for measuring size and concentration change

Turbiscan, Rheolaser and Horus instruments from Formulaction provide the best solutions to characterise dispersions, emulsions, suspensions, foams, across industry for stability, drying and micro-rheological properties.

DISPERMAT innovative milling and dispersion systems for laboratory pilot plant and production.   Dissolvers  - Basket mills - Horizontal bead mills

FÜLL Systembau GmbH  dispensing and mixing plants as well as tank farms for low to high viscous fluids across a range of  different industries. More than  2200 client specific dispensing plants and tank farms have been designed, assembled and commissioned.

Powerwise ink pumps and filters for the printing and coating industries

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